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Annual subscription price: $395/year for up to 100 slides scanned

  • Need to capture images for publications or presentations but are frustrated by the time consuming process of capturing high quality slide images?
  • Need to privately share slides with research collaborators at other institutions?
  • Want to have links to your digital slides in your publications?
  • Want to show off your great cases?
  • Want to have your entire collection of teaching cases available to you anytime, anywhere in the world?

We know your slides are valuable. Entrust us to lovingly digitally archive your cases using our premium slide-scanning service. We professionally clean your slides, scan them at maximum magnification with more focus points than lymphocytes in a lymph node (not really, but it's a lot!), and then a board-certified pathologist reviews each of your images to ensure the highest quality. Our meticulous process regularly requires 30 minutes for each slide, rather than the typical 1-3 minutes. Slides are rescanned if they do not meet our strict standards. If you don't think your scans are publication quality, we will rescan your slides.

How it Works

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After a few days, your expertly scanned slide images will appear in your slide bank for you to use however you want on the platform while we send your original glass slides back to you.

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